Servant Leaders: The Greatest Among us from Research to Practice. This is Why?

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Author: Dr. Enoch Opoku Antwi

Servant Leaders are the greatest among us. Their humility and instinctively serviceable nature make them resourceful, go-to individuals, friends, advisors, mentors, and the memory of homes, communities, organizations and countries. Yet, the path of servanthood to leadership is peculiar. Why serve first and lead second? Because serving is good work, hard work, noble work and our work. Evidently, there is the difficulty of understanding research language and using them in leadership practices. This book fills that gap. Servant leadership is NOT an attitude. Neither is it only rooted in faith. It is a context-specific researched theory rooted in positivism. Servant leaders touch the souls of individuals and remain on their lips in every conversation. Do you want to be that kind of leader? Then, this book is for you. The future of next generational leadership could hinge on this book. Direct connection of servant leadership to career is the abundant need of such leaders in academia, nonprofit, police, military, politics, faith-based institutions and the corporate world. Topics in this fifteen chapters, well-researched book includes: Why Do We Need Servant Leaders? Can A Servant Lead? Understanding Theory in Servant Leadership Studies, Statistics in Theory – Don’t Be Intimidated, Snapshot of Prevailing Leadership Theories Besides Servant Leadership, Servant Leadership – The Foundation, Servant Leadership – Other Perspectives, Servant Leadership and Building Community, Servant Leadership and Values; Interviews: 10 Questions for 11 Leaders of 11 Different Organizations, Servant Leadership and the Religious Environment, Servant Leadership and Wisdom, Servant Leadership and Executive Coaching, Servant Leadership in the Boardroom, Servant Leadership and Ethics, Servant Leadership and Change, Steward Leadership and Servant Leadership, and Concluding Thoughts.

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