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Dr. Ronald Sanders Ph.D

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    For The Perfecting Of The Saints

    This book begins with “Is That You Lord”. The nine ways God deals with mankind. How often has God dealt with you, and we were oblivious to his leading?

    “Angels Unawares” is a study of angelic encounters in our lives and biblically what to expect as saints to encounter.

    “The Ministry of Great Love” is a study written in Ochoa Rios, Jamaica at 3:00 am after a week of missionary work.

    The “Next Step Anointing” came shortly thereafter exposing God’s true intent to empower his people, but often limited because of our level of love. The greater the level of love, the greater God’s anointing on our lives.

    “Cuttings, Carvings, & Piercing” deals with the spirit behind the necessity of tattooing and piercing. Is there a driving force behind these cravings?

    “A Little Wager”: Is gambling a sin? If so, why? At what level does it become a demonic obsession?

    “Promissory Notes, Interest, and Lending” is a serious subject. When do I stand a loan for someone, and can I charge another Christian interest?

    “Tragedy to Triumph”, the book of Ruth is a dynamic understanding of the intimate relationship of Ruth with God, which transcends our comprehension of true relationship.

    The next three chapters cover insecurity issues, our attitude, and our boldness in God. These three are needed in the church today. The Bible should dictate our self-esteem, not others.

    Do we actually go to heaven when we die? Find out the truth concerning those who die in Christ and rejoice with the actuality of God’s immense love.

    “Build My Church” is a spiritual roadmap to successfully establishing the church God intends.

    Handling “Domestic Disturbances” is a critical issue. Every church develops confrontations. How do I deal with these issues biblically?