The Cords that Bind

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Author: LeCreasha Randall

For many years I harbored anger and resentment toward some who have really hurt me. This anger caused issues in my life with health, depression, and relationships, to name a few. That is not the story. This story is me taking painful steps to a new beginning. There have been trials that have stopped our Success in its tracks; Relationships that have been severed; Fears that have caused us to run scared or freeze with paralysis. We have all been hurt, let down or disappointed at some point in our lives. I choose not to hate as God gives me strength. I no longer feel the need to be vindictive toward those who have hurt me. Vengeance does not belong to me, it belongs to the Lord. I thank the Lord Jesus for his Grace and Mercy that are new every morning.

Forgiven sinner, saved by grace. Mother of two delightful instructors who teach me and keep me on my knees. Follower of The Savior Jesus Christ.

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