Law of Position and Location: A Position Theory: A Position Theory

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Author: Delridge La Veon Hunter, Ph.D

A Strange Case of Bad Faith

This dialogue is a political satire of how power corrupts. The desire is to allow an extremely complex process called leadership to play itself out within the arena of the state. Why a dialogue? This is a satire. It is more comfortable doing this satire in dialogue. It is thought best rendered in dialogue. How did the idea of writing dialogue come about? It came out naturally. The characteristics told me that they were ready for presentation. The characters wanted to speak for themselves. They do not want a storyteller who dominates conversation all of the time. What are the influences? The influences are the black community theater; a black barber shop setting; the black community aesthetic of social commentary; the amphitheater of Anthems with plays such as Oedipus Rex; Plato’s Socrates; the Elizabethan theater of Shakespeare; the Broadway playwright Lorain Hansberry; the black cinema; the street corner and black college campus signifying sessions. The aesthetic linguistic rules of engagement are that of black dialogue. Why should you want to read Goraka’s Memoirs of Infamy? It is a very interesting read. The challenge is to not let the language defeat you. The language can be challenging when you do not pay attention to the dialogue as rendered by each character. This is a lesson of Goraka’s life. This character Goraka is a collage of personalities who have ruled the state. It might be anywhere or during anytime. This satire is like but not quite like anything you have read before.


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