Powerhouse Platform


Internet Based Marketing

Author Reputation Press taps the power of the internet to help expand the market reach of your book, from local to international marketplaces. Using the power of the web, we level the playing field for all our authors and give your book a great level of exposure in the literary world.

Blog Tour Service

Through our Blog Tour Service, authors get the chance to see their avid readers in person and talk about what brings them together in one place. This package also provides authors the opportunity to be exposed to bloggers and their followers through the internet in addition to their own reader base.

Tapping the help of popular book bloggers is one way to reach the right audience for your book and maximize its sales potential. Author Reputation Press has partnered with several publicists and book bloggers whose influence will definitely bring traffic to your work.

Amazon Look Inside And Google Preview

Take advantage of the opportunity to get discovered through our Amazon “Look Inside” and Google Preview services. These tools let readers get a sneak peek of your book when they search using Amazon or Google’s search engine.

This service allows readers to sample some preview pages of your work through a navigation bar and the table of contents in which they can search for specific terms within your text. Providing readers with a sneak peek of your book is key to igniting their interest to read on and eventually convince them to buy a copy of your work.

Google Marketing

Boost the visibility of your book to your target audience through our Google Marketing service. This platform allows you to use specific targeting parameters such as location, age, language, audience interest, topic, keywords, and even specific websites that are part of Google’s network.

As the largest web search engine, Google can draw a lot of attention for your book if given the right marketing strategy. Author Reputation Press maintains a track record of successfully promoting books using the power of Google search engine.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) bolsters the online exposure that your book deserves. SEO consists of both technical and creative elements that are necessary to improve your title’s search rank, drive traffic to your author website, and increase your book’s presence across different search engines.

Content is king in SEO. In line with this principle, we see to it that your book gains the maximum visibility online by employing the perfect content marketing techniques. This provides a high level of assurance that your work reaches your intended market.

Online Booksellers Campaign

We will run an aggressive ad campaign for your book on two of the world’s biggest online storefronts: Amazon and Ingram. Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers with 183 million unique visitors every month. Majority of US consumers start their web searches with Amazon more often than anywhere else on the web.

Over 40,000 retailers, educators, and librarians worldwide use Ingram’s ipage to search for and order a book online.The website has 14,000 unique visitors on a daily basis.

Advanced Web Design

With a dedicated website accessible to millions of readers across the world, we at Author Reputation Press seek to establish a strong online presence for our authors. Our web developers work around the clock to create the best possible web design for your book and author brand.

We also assist you in expanding your network by connecting your author website to online bookstores, book clubs, and author organizations, bringing your name in front of other authors. The possibilities are limitless and taking advantage of this chance will almost certainly increase your book's sales.