Publishing Process Flow

Contract Signing

Before the publishing process starts, the author needs to sign the contract and publishing agreement with Author Reputation Press (the publisher).

Fulfillment Officer Contact

After the author affixes his/her signature to pertinent documents, the senior fulfillment officer or publishing specialist will initiate communication with the author to begin the publication procedure.

Submission of Publishing Materials

This step involves the submission of manuscript including its interior, cover and images, if any, to the publishing specialist. The text portion of the manuscript must be sent in digital formats such as MS Word or Rich Text Format (RTF).

Book Design and Layout

AThe company’s fulfillment team will comply with the author’s requested design, layout, style, and possible changes from the original manuscript.

Design Preview

A digital version of the book galley will be sent to the author in digital format for review. The author may request modifications, revisions, or any changes to the layout and design of the galley. These changes will then be applied to the digital copy of the book by our fulfillment team.

Design Approval

The author must give his or her final approval to the book’s design and layout before it is forwarded to the printer for production.

Proof of Print

Once approved by the author, the final version of the manuscript will be printed out and then shipped to the author in accordance with the publishing package he or she availed of.

Post-Production Revision

The author is entitled to one free round of revision to the printed copy, if any.

Book Cover and Interior Approval Form

The author must sign the book cover and interior approval form before the revised manuscript is sent back to the printer. Once the necessary corrections are complied, the final proof of print will then be shipped to the author. A post-production fee of $250 will be charged to the author for further revisions.

Global Distribution

The book will be distributed through online retailers and bookstores worldwide.

Post-Fulfillment Service

Author Reputation Press will closely monitor the marketing and sales of the book as well as send royalties to the author on a quarterly basis.