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    Santa’s Big White Chicken

    On Christmas Eve, one of Santa’s reindeer informs him that all of his reindeer have come down with the flu and will be unable to pull his sleigh that night. Santa panics and wonders how he will be able to deliver all the toys to the children this Christmas. While searching for answers, he stumbles upon a little white chicken who informs him that he has the solution. He tells Santa that he has just spoken to Prancer, the lead reindeer, and Prancer reveals to the chicken that the jingle bells that the reindeer wear when they pull the sleigh provide the magic that allows the reindeer team to fly. The chicken takes the bells to Santa and tries to convince Santa that the bells will work for him. Santa is not convinced until the chicken puts the bells on himself, and in a blink of an eye, the chicken grows to be ten feet tall. Santa then mounts the chicken and with his sack full of toys, completes his mission that night. The story is told in rhyme and is brilliantly illustrated by the author’s grandson, Louis W. Lonsway.