James Latham

James Latham

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    I Am I


    Jim is a jet engineer and designer longs to fly the blue skies. One day Jim is struck with an idea he couldn’t refuse. Confined to his two car garage Jim works hours into the night. Success becomes a problem as Jim realizes he needs help.

    Finding the help of a welder with a drinking problem and an electrician with superb electrician skills. Jim moves forward to build a ship of flight. Completed. The ship once a dream becomes reality. High in the nights sky, three men fly the ship. Jim and friends become wanted men as men in black capture Jim’s two friends. Guided by the stars, Jim escapes deep into the stars. Pulled far away into a new cluster of stars. Jim lands on a planet called Rou. Finding inhabitants of great intelligence, Jim is renamed ‘I’. Tasked with the honor of protector. ‘I’ leads the planet of Rou to freedom. ‘I’ now lives deep in the Milky Way.