Grace Atea Ampofoh

Grace Atea Ampofoh

Grace Atea Ampofoh is a sixty-eight-year old retired nurse in Delaware, United States of America who wants to share her story of life experiences living with diabetes, for empowerment. She is a strong believer in God, with a diploma in applied spirituality from the Christian Leadership University school of the spirit, Cheektowaga, New York. She has two successful daughters, and two granddaughters.

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    Living With Diabetes: Metabolic Syndrome


    Aside from Coronavirus – 19, experts from the World Health Organization { WHO } also warn that diabetes is an emerging pandemic. Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires medical attention. Some of the goals we need to focus on are:

    Promoting healthy diets globally.
    Preventing and controlling non- communicable diseases like diabetes
    Creating health promotion, fitness and workshop centers.
    Encourage multimedia Education.
    Access to diabetes treatment and management are encouraged with medical supervision.
    As a diabetic patient herself, author Grace Atea Ampofoh was diagnosed with Type -2 diabetes -at the age of 28. Her work contributes to worldwide campaigns for diabetes awareness through her comprehensive diabetes guide, “LVING WITH DIABETES”. This health resource outlines facts and insights that seek to help diabetic patients and their caretakers to make healthier and more informed decisions about how to handle the disease and achieve optimum results. Ampofoh added that, to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, self- management of diabetes is imperative. She said, “Just because you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes does not mean your life cannot be a wonderful and exciting journey”. During her long period of nursing career, the author took care of many elderly diabetic patients, including family members. The book aims to impart hope and optimism to patient who find the disease a painstaking process. It discusses both proactive and preventive diabetic care measures that allow them to be in charge of living a healthy lifestyle and not within the fearful limits of their illness. Ampofoh lays down, in simple terms, how to manage the progress of the disease without compromising the most important aspects of a person’s life. “Diabetes must not slowly get worse of or control your life”, says the author. “You have the opportunity to write your own story joyfully, with expected outcome for the future generation”.

    Living with diabetes.