Dalia Vernikovsky

Dalia Vernikovsky

I was born into a tumultuous world, into strife and poverty, as so many people face-as I look back now and ‘reflect’ what often leads to our understanding; indeed, in later phases of life, how much more magical is life? So, is that why I wrote ‘reflections’? Or is this the normal process of our self-healing as we try to understand why we are not always given the first choice in how we live our lives. I recognized that there are always choices as our minds grow-as we learn what we can overcome, what we can do, or not do.

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    Reflections III: The Magic Beyond the Pain: The Journey, My Impact, Their Impact

    This book reflects life-each and every one of us in our journeys as all of us inevitably end in the same place. It is our journeys, individually and those we share time and space with, along with the many souls on four legs that define the happiness inside. It is also imperative that we find ways to help the world we live in-for those many starfish that ended on the beach, and for each of those starfish that we can throw back in the water,-well, one more life we have saved. Inevitably, it is the lives we save that actually save us-aren’t they? They fill our souls with energy with that special feeling that we mean something that we actually are all connected but to live life with purpose-well that is ultimately the most fulfilling of all important feelings. To each of you I hope you fill those moments in the simplest of ways-giving back, and pay forward to become the power and energy that will save us all.