Crystal Nelson

Crystal Nelson

Hi, I’m Crystal Nelson, I’m a young African-American author. I’m the youngest out of four children. My passion for writing started as a young girl in elementary school. Any and every idea or thought I had, became a short story and it has evolved me into writing my own books. Being a writer makes me an artist just like singers and songwriters. My ideas and imagination are endless. Look for more from me in the future.

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    A Mother’s Good Grace: How Far Will It Go?

    I guess that’s why they say family will always protect each other from the things that the outside world has to offer and though we always may hurt each others feelings and know that were all crying on the inside we will always create a protective coating to shield each other from showing it off on the outside but everyday seems perfect until you see who they really are on the inside but the one thing that everybody fails to realize is that they wouldn’t and wont trade in their imperfect families or imperfect lives for anyone or anything in the world and you sometimes just have to learn how to endure a lot of things in order to enjoy these types of things and or comforts in our lives my life maybe messed but its perfectly messed but most importantly so is every body else’s life.