Christopher Lee Bowen

Christopher Lee Bowen

CHRISTOPHER LEE BOWEN served in the US Army, worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency, and is an avid student of American history. Earned his undergraduate degree from the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, and graduate degree from The University of Minnesota. He resides in Oakland California.

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    Alumni Fund

    Abington College, very small, antique, once women-only New England college, is venerable and broke, hires a butch Jewish PhD from Brooklyn to salvage what can be in the face of crashing enrollment and desperate need to retain full paid tuition students despite their academic deficiencies. Add to this crisis management, Amanda Hyde (with Jekyll as foreground), English, former au pair girl employed by a New York mafia family, now head of the Abington College Alumni Fund, a picaresque rise from au pair to stripper at the Kit Kat Club in Manhattan and by means of forged documentation to eligibility for her current position, aided in her financial and professional success by a hit man and a plague of fatal accidents among the alumni. All part of the larcenous tale you are about to read if you are lucky enough to get a copy of this book.

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    ‘Poetry is a collaboration between readers and author. The author writes his impressions and understanding of a given subject but relies on the imagination of the reader to share and explore the implications of his words. Although we are separated by time and distance, a spiritual and emotional

    bond is achieved when author and reader share the epiphany of a poem.’

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    The Last Western

    CIVIL WAR, 1861-1865, origin of today’s political, economic and social conflicts and the 19th Century national transformation from farm to factory, town to city, pioneer to wage slave Bible to Darwin, honor to profit. The story of this historic pivot set in Colorado 1882. Strong characters in a vortex of political corruption, genocide, drugs (Merck, the start of big pharma, founded in 1827 to produce morphine and later cocaine; Union army purchased 10 million morphine tablets for field hospitals and more than 200,000 addicts returned home after the war), gun violence (endemic after 650,000 fratricide in the Civil War), abortion, homosexuality and abiding hope. Not to be missed!

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    Where Have All the Flowers Gone?: An American Story

    A picaresque story beginning 1938 in the Philippines and General MacArthur, 1942 Guadalcanal, 1941-43 FDR White House, China Mao and Revolution 1948, California dreaming 1952, Georgetown 1954, Army 1961-62, I Have a Dream and Jack and Jackie 1963, Washington riots and mayhem 1965-68, California dreaming 1977, Russia and China romance 2007-12, celebrating a score of characters and events that shaped the American Dream. America, our salvation and our destiny!

    Great read, beautifully written. I particularly liked the chapters on Russia and China. So many events and characters, some famous all fascinating. George B.