BJ Melton

BJ Melton

Buster Jack Melton or B.J Melton was born in 1925 and became a child of the great depression. He inherited his work ethic from his dad and at the age of 12, he got a job sweeping out the local dry goods store at 6 a.m that takes an hour and is paid $3.00 for 6 days. In 1942. at age 16 B. J. graduated from Merkel High School. He turned 18 in October of 1943 and joined the navy. When he got discharged, he returned to Texas Tech and pursued Electrical Engineering. With the help of football scholarship, GI bill, and odd jobs, he graduated in 1947.World War II etched something in his soul that still remains today, Patriotism and love for his country. He was proud of America and of what he stood for. This book chronicles his thoughts from the beginning and covers his take on the political matters of his country.

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    Where Did My America Go?: I Want It Back! With Trump We Almost Had It!


    At age 16, I started college at Texas Tech Universities in 1942. I turned 18 in October of 1943 and joined the Navy. Most of my friends in high school and in college, were older and already in the service. Sadly, some never came back home…

    We could not, as a country, stand another 4 or 8 years like Obama.

    In 2015, I began writing e-mail and posting on Facebook a “Thought for the day”

    This book chronicles my thought from the Trump campaign through the first 6 months of his Presidency.

    It’s about electing Mr. Trump, but sprinkled among the thoughts, is a little humour, a joke or two, or three, and Dreams of the future…