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Print Ad Trio Blast

Unlock the Power of Print Advertising with our Print Ad Trio Blast

Publishing a book is just the beginning of your journey, and getting noticed in today’s competitive market is a real challenge. That’s where our ‘Print Ad Trio Blast’ service comes in.

Imagine seeing your book featured in the reviews section of some of the most influential English language publications in the United States, including Publishers Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a powerful marketing strategy we offer to authors like you.

Why Print Advertising Matters:

In an age dominated by digital media, print still holds immense power. When your book is featured in respected publications, it gains credibility and recognition. Readers trust the reviews and recommendations they find in print, and that trust can translate into book sales.

What the ‘Print Ad Trio Blast’ Does for You:


Your book will be showcased in major publications that reach a vast readership. This exposure puts your work in front of potential readers who rely on these publications for book recommendations.


Reviews in respected newspapers and magazines add a layer of credibility to your book. They signal to readers that your work is worth their time and investment.


Being featured in these publications puts your book in the spotlight. Agents, publishers, and other industry professionals regularly scan these reviews for promising new titles.

Sales Boost

Increased visibility and credibility can lead to higher book sales. Readers who might have overlooked your book otherwise will now take notice.

Author Branding

It's not just about one book; it's about building your author brand. Being associated with well-known publications enhances your reputation as an author.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your book stand out in the crowded publishing landscape. Our ‘Print Ad Trio Blast’ service is your ticket to gaining the recognition your work deserves. Let us help you on your publishing journey, turning your book into a literary sensation!”

The New York Times

The New York Times Sunday Book Review directs your ad to your target audience – the book readers. The magazine has a more specific focus than any marketing platform. People who subscribed to a magazine made a deliberate choice to read it, thus they sift through every page. In contrast, people searching online spend only seconds to scan a website.

The New York Times Sunday Book Review is one of the most coveted pages for book reviews, and landing a spot on the publication is a unique opportunity to be discovered as an author. The magazine commands a huge following that comprises 831,000 print readers in the U.S. It has a reputation of recommending only the most riveting books that deserve critical acclaim. When readers see your book featured in an ad on the NYT Sunday Book Review, they view it with more respect than if they saw it in a lesser known publication.

Author Reputation Press will feature your book in a single slot advertisement in the magazine and disseminate a one-page press release to several media outlets. We believe our authors deserve nothing less than an extensive marketing campaign to cement their way to fame.

Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times’ book reviews section is a giant platform for authors wanting to build their reputation as writers. With a readership of 1.4 million on a daily basis and 2.4 million on Sundays, the Los Angeles Times provides an ideal platform for existing and new authors to promote their work big time. Getting a spot in one of its pages is a rare opportunity for authors and is a solid affirmation of your reputation as an author.

Author Reputation Press® LA Times is a personalized service that will have your book featured in a half page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times Sunday Art edition. This service also includes a press release for your book meant for distribution across 1000 media outlets in print, broadcast, and online platforms.

Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly is a household name in the book publishing industry, with a special focus on international books. The magazine pushes its book reviews on a weekly basis meant for a wide range of audiences including publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, authors, and media outlets. Its coverage includes feature articles and straight news writeups about books, lists of bestselling titles across a wide range of categories, and industry statistics. Most notably, Publishers Weekly has cemented its reputation as the prime source of pre-publication book reviews, pushing around 9,000 blurbs annually.

Our print ads are customized according to the desired categories: religion, children’s books, international audience, best-seller’s club, review consideration, and announcements of select titles.