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Hollywood Book To Screen

Hollywood Book-to-Screen Service For Your Book's Film Adaptation

With the Book-to-Screen service, you can see your book transformed into a motion picture. After a thorough examination and study of the story, a cinematic version will be created. The cover, title, character, plot, and all other creative aspects of your book will be considered.

Hollywood Movie Script Coverage

Let us create a written outline of your book in a database through our Movie Script Coverage and be discovered by major studios in search of stories to adapt into motion pictures. To be considered for a movie adaptation, your book needs to have these basic elements: a cover sheet, synopsis, and comments. We will endorse your manuscript to movie producers, production companies, and studios. Submit a copy of your manuscript today and we will fine-tune your book to qualify for prospective agents, movie producers, and film studios.

Hollywood Movie Treatment

Movie Treatment service is one of the first steps in writing a screenplay, and it aims to provide a summary of your work’s screenplay idea and give you the Hollywood style of fame that only a few authors have experienced. This package includes a well-written, detailed story produced for the screen (film, television, or digital) of your book’s screenplay idea, presenting its theme, plot, and characters in a way that will captivate readers. Your book will then be registered in an online database, making it more visible to movie makers looking for latest content. Suggestions and expectations are laid down to the agencies, studios, and producers by stating exactly how to approach the adaptation of your book. You can effectively demonstrate to them that your book has what it takes to succeed on the big screen by providing them with a visual sketch of how to adapt it for the big screen.

This package includes the following services:

  • Professional screenwriters who have experience adapting books to film and television will write a 7–10-page treatment detailing how to convert your manuscript into a movie or TV series
  • Directory registration of your movie treatment to gain traction among movie reviewers and film producers
  • US Copyright Office application to help you retain full ownership of your treatment, which you can use during your pitch appointments on your screenplay applications

Hollywood Movie Screenplay

Your story’s path to Hollywood fame rests entirely in your hands, and we want to help you chart that course with our Movie Screenplay service. We are connected to a network of film producers who can help turn your book into a blockbuster movie through creative concept video production, post-production, multimedia, and advertising services. A screenplay is a professionally written script that television and movie producers can use to see whether they wish to make a film adaptation of your book. You will show Hollywood that you are serious about breaking into the entertainment industry if you have a properly adapted screenplay. The screenplay will focus on your story’s pivotal scenes, major characters, and the dialogue that gives life to the story.

The Movie Screenplay Package includes:

  • A carefully written screenplay by one of the first-rate screenwriters based on your approved movie treatment
  • Character dialogue and detailed story events will be included in the screenplay, which will be created using industry-standard formatting and tools.
  • Submission of your draft screenplay to a producer for review in preparation for a film adaptation Directory
  • Registration of your screenplay to gain attention from co-writers, movie reviewers, and producers
  • US Copyright Office application to help you retain full ownership of your screenplay, which you can use to produce your own indie film