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Reach your target audience through our Press Release service that employs multi-channel distribution, social campaigns, and personalized communication with hundreds of millions of journalists and influencers on deck to pick your story.

Our Press Release team has been providing vital resources to journalists on the lookout for interesting stories, leveraging the power of our media relationships, and wide distribution network. Whether you are looking for a local media outlet to grab your story or wish to distribute it to a broader scope of audiences, Author Reputation Press has your back. Choose the perfect match for your PR needs from our packages below.

Increase SEO Ranking

Extensive Press Release is a great source of quality backlinks and SEO rank improvement. Increase your search engine rank, brand visibility, and online presence.

Global Reach via a Comprehensive Media Network

ARP distributes press release articles worldwide using our Word Media Directory, which includes TV, radio stations, social media, and blogs. Your press release is distributed to the countries you select.

Reach wide audiences

You can get your press release in front of a larger audience than ever before thanks to online news distribution and the rise of social media. You have the opportunity to connect with an unreached audience.


Press Release
1 Press Release Article Distribution: 2 Countries
  • 1 Embedded Image (Book Cover)
  • Embedded Images
  • Embedded Video


Press Release
1 Press Release Article Distribution: 4 Countries
  • Website can be embedded (if available)
  • 2 Embedded Images (Book Cover and Author’s Picture)
  • Embedded Video
Best Value


Press Release
1 Press Release Article Distribution: 6 Countries
  • Website can be embedded (if available)
  • 4 Embedded Images (Book Cover, Author’s Picture, and 2 other pictures related to author’s book)
  • 1 Embedded Video (Book Trailer/ Video Interview, etc.)
PackageIndustry InfluencersWebsites & BlogsSearch EnginesMagazinesNews AgenciesNewspaperOnlineRadioTelevision
National Newsline
Regional Newsline1
NY State or Metro Newsline2
State Newsline3
PackageNational NewslineRegional Newsline1NY State or Metro Newsline2State Newsline3
Industry Influencers
Websites & Blogs
Search Engines
News Agencies


Distribution of the Regional Newsline service will depend on which U.S. region the author wants the press release to be disseminated: Northeast, Midwest, South, West
The New York State or Metro Newsline PR distribution is limited either to the state of NY or Metro area, depending on the author’s preference.
The State Newsline distribution targets press release to a specific state in the U.S. which is of particular interest to the author or the book.

National Newsline

Our National Newsline PR distribution commands an extensive reach across 50 states in the U.S., leveraging the power of traditional newsrooms including news agencies, newspaper outlets, television networks, magazines, and radio stations. We have also engaged more than 41,000 influencers on a wide variety of topics including travel, entertainment, and public interest, among others.

In addition, our online syndication network distributes PR content about you and your book to more than 4,000 websites and blogs. Our PR team also works to increase your visibility across different search engines.

News Agencies

Associated Press
Dow Jones


The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
Chicago Tribune
Los Angeles Times


CBS News
NBC News
Fox News
ABC News


U.S. News


Bloomberg Radio
CBS Radio
Sirius XM

Search Engines