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Extensive Media Coverage

Explore Great Opportunities With Our Media Coverage Services

Gain a wide exposure from the world-leading media organization. Our Extensive Media Coverage Service offer guaranteed coverage by the biggest names in the media industry including The New York Times, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Fox News, CNBC, and more.

Our in-house team of publicists will pitch your book to these publications and TV network to secure a coverage for you and your book. This may come in the form of a TV interview or a feature story in a leading publication.

Why It Matters

Media coverage can help bolster your name in the literary world due to the third-party validation-effect bestowed by the media organization’s blue stamp. Obtaining publicity can offer far greater value to authors seeking to grow their readership than other marketing methods.

Favorable media coverage is a powerful tool to establish your credibility as an author. More importantly, it is a golden opportunity to get your message across to a broader audience.

Fulfillment Time Window

30 Days-Campaign Period + 15 Days of Analytics Report Preparation

Our Team of publicists will work round-the-clock to find the media outlet that best suits your book genre or topic of interest. This will be followed by aggressive negotiations to finally help you land an interview on a major TV station or get featured in an article on respected publications. The total fulfillment period is 45 days.


The Extensive Media Coverage service is a thirty-day media campaign that aims to bring your book to TV screens and national broadsheets through our partnership with the world-leading media outlets.

Our publicists will develop a list of media contacts based on your book genre. This list will take into consideration the media outlet’s target audience, geographic distribution and editorial focus. A targeted media exposure will translate into more growth for your readership.

Custom Pitch

We will send custom pitches to multiple media outlets, promoting your book in order to reach a deal for you coverage. At least two media organizations are guaranteed to accept these pitches, after which we will initiate the steps in preparation for your interview or feature story.

One mistake that many people make after receiving positive media coverage is to bask in the glory and then let it fade away.

After the 1-month campaign, you can choose to renew the media coverage service to maximize your exposure

This service is valid only for one month. After that period, you will have an option to renew the campaign in order to maximize your media exposure.

One mistake that many people make after receiving positive media coverage is to bask in the glory and then let if fade away. Maximize the coverage in order to not miss a prime opportunity to rise above the rest in this highly competitive field.

Our Goals
  • Identify the media outlet that fits your genre
  • Initiate your appearance on a major TV program
  • Get your book covered by at least two respected publications
  • Bring your work to millions of viewers and readers
  • Position your book as a relevant title in its specific genre

Newbie Package


  • 500 Custom Pitches Every Month
  • Guaranteed Publications
  • Dedicated Publicist
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Online Publication Pitches

  • Standard Package


  • 1000 Custom Pitches Per Month
  • Guaranteed Publications
  • Senior Publicist
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Speaking Pitches
  • TV & Podcast Pitches

  • Advanced Package


  • 2500 Custom Pitches Per Month
  • Guaranteed Publications
  • Senior Publicist & Account Executive
  • Senior Staff Writer
  • Wiki Page & Social Verification