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Unleash Your Book's Potential with 'Credibility and Recognition

In the vast landscape of publishing, the journey doesn’t end with writing the last word; it’s only the beginning. At ‘Author Reputation Press,’ we understand that your book’s success depends on more than just its content. That’s why we’ve crafted the ‘Credibility and Recognition’ service, tailored to give your masterpiece the distinction it deserves.

Imagine your book adorned with the prestigious Gold Seal by Author Reputation Press (ARP) – a symbol of excellence that sets your work apart from the rest. This seal, proudly displayed on your book’s front cover, signifies that your book has earned a 5-star rating from a major book review publication, trusted by tens of thousands of subscribers.

Our ‘Credibility and Recognition’ service connects you with professional book reviews from respected sources like Kirkus Reviews, Pacific Book Review, US Review of Books, and Hollywood Book Reviews. These reviews not only enhance your book’s reputation but also influence how it’s received by the market.

When you choose this service, you’re not just getting reviews; you’re securing your author brand’s reputation. Your book joins the crème de la crème of titles we publish, bearing the Gold Seal as a testament to its exceptional quality. This seal not only boosts your book’s credibility but also serves as a powerful marketing tool to reach a diverse audience and elevate your author brand to unparalleled heights.

In a world where recognition and credibility are the cornerstones of success, ‘Credibility and Recognition’ is your key to unlocking the full potential of your book. Trust us to help you build a reputation that shines as brilliantly as your literary masterpiece.

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews has been providing balanced reviews of a wide variety of books for more than 85 years now. The magazine has built its reputation as one of the reliable sources of book reviews and recommendations delivered to consumers in a weekly newsletter via email and on its website.

It operates a number of book review services including Kirkus Indie for self-publishers. These reviews are also eligible for publication on the Kirkus Indie monthly eNewsletter, which highlights the best submissions to the magazine and provides reliable recommendations to consumers. The eNewsletter goes out to a targeted base of subscribers including agents, editors, and librarians.

Pacific Book Review

Pacific Book Review provides quality book reviews both for seasoned and budding authors. Its authoritative voice is recognized by many publishers, authors, literary agents, and media outlets who rely on objective reviews written by authorities in different literary genre. Your work will be featured as book of the month or one of the top 5 reviews on PBR’s homepage, making it a perfect marketing material to promote your book. Books are also automatically nominated to the Pacific Book Awards, which recognizes various literary works and acknowledges a book’s aesthetic appeal both in cover design and content.

US Review of Books

The US Review of Books consists of professional reviewers and editors who welcome all books for analysis regardless of their ideas. Book reviews are delivered to its subscribers as part of its free monthly newsletter.

The publication also puts your book on its Featured Book Reviews section on the USRB homepage, eligible for submission to the Eric Hoffer Award. Established in 2005, the literary award giving body recognizes “writing of significant merit,” “salient writing,” and “independent spirit of small publishers” as a tribute to American philosopher Eric Hoffer.

Hollywood Book Review

Hollywood Book Review (HBR) is a major book review platform that accommodates every book released regardless of the publisher – small, large or independent. It is a reliable outlet for getting your book noticed by a wide range of audiences. HBR’s professional level constructive criticism helps increase your work’s credibility.

Books reviewed by HBR are curated first based on their quality and the reviews are distributed through a monthly newsletter to industry professionals. What makes HBR’s book reviews reliable is the unbiased views of its professional reviewers who come from various fields of expertise, all with a high level of literary and editorial skills.