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Advanced Youtube Promotion

Amplify Your Book's Reach with 'Advanced YouTube Promotion

The Best Tool To Promote YouTube Videos

Independently published books need more than just traditional media channels for promotion. With the onslaught of online platforms, content now holds sway over the success of your book. Therefore, It makes perfect sense more than ever to consider mainstream web services when looking for marketing channels, such as YouTube promotion.

Video sharing websites like YouTube play a key role in online marketing. With 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the best platform to give your book a wide exposure across a vast range of audiences.

YouTube’s user engagement far more outruns any other social platforms as people actively search for content, unlike other social media where users merely scrolling down the feed of information. With YouTube, authors are more likely to capture the reader’s attention than they would in other platforms.

Why this service?

There are hundreds of ways to get more views on YouTube, but ours is the fastest. Boost the number of views for your video in as early as five days and be recognized by tens of thousands of audiences on YouTube.

This service is guaranteed as it relies on Google Adwords, the only trusted and legitimate tool for promoting videos on YouTube. Adwords will position your video in places where people search for content related to your book.

Organic Views

We don't use bots. Apart from being guaranteed, our YouTube views are genuine. We use YouTube's official video advertising platform to promote your videos and make them viral.

Smart Targeting

We deliver only quality views. We customize how your videos are distributed based on your book's genre and other related parameters in order to target only the right viewers.

Fast Delivery

Our video promotions go live on YouTube within two days after approval by Google. Your YouTube campaign will then start picking up speed during the campaign period.

How it Works

Choose your target viewers

On top of growing your presence on You Tube, you can reach the right people for your videos unproductive video distribution and invest on getting quality views from real people. You can specify the types of audiences for your video with the following parameters:

  • Region/country
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest

We use Google Ads
You never have to worry about fake views and getting your videos suspended. This service guarantees real, organic views using Google Ads, the only trusted method for promoting videos on YouTube.

Target your campaign

You can target your video campaign by gender age and interest. This ensures that your videos reach only the people who will most likely engage with your video and ultimately purchase your book.

View your metrics

At the end of each campaign, we will send you a report of your video’s performance based on the following metrics:

  • Region/country
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest

Views are guaranteed and can even exceed individual targets based on your video quality and ad performance.

Campaign Durations

Five Days
Estimated 3,333 views with 700 free views

Eleven Days
Estimated 23,500 views with 5,000 free views

Six Days
Estimated 10,000 views with 2,200 free views

Twelve Days
Estimated 33,333 views with 9,000 free views

Nine Days
Estimated 16,667 views with 3800 free views