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Advance Radio Interview with Kate Delaney

Choose The Most Extensive Radio Interview Platform for Your Book Marketing Campaign

More than three million audiences all over the United States are waiting to hear about your book, courtesy of Kate Delaney – an Emmy-award winning journalist. Delaney’s radio program reaches a wide array of listeners from all walks of life, providing your book with a great opportunity to reach millions of households across the country.

For over 20 years, Delaney has interviewed almost all types of high-profile individuals from former U.S. President George W. Bush and former Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Dick Cheney to famous sports personalities including LeBron James and Hollywood stars Taylor Swift, Sandra Bullock, and Adam Sandler, to name only a few.

Delaney is a seasoned radio broadcaster and a motivational speaker. She hosts “America Tonight” and two nationally syndicated radio shows every week, namely “The Kate Delaney Show” on the NBC Sports Radio Network and a feature program for ForbesBooks featuring successful business leaders.

Steps for the Radio Interview

  1. Pre-interview coaching

    Prior to the actual interview, Delaney will coach you with the right materials and techniques to quickly capture the attention of listeners. Delaney will provide instructions on the proper ways of presenting your ideas and you can’t miss hitting the right audience for your book.

  2. Two-week live book-reading with 10 book commercials

    Before finally speaking with Delaney, her radio program will also run announcements for your book across 210 stations with more than three million listeners. The teaser will run for two weeks with an accompanying set of 10 commercials to drum up interest for your book.

  3. Interview Proper

    Finally, you will be on air with Delaney following those pre-interview promotions. At this stage, you will have the chance to promote your book on a deeper, personal level, talking directly to your potential readers using the techniques Delaney has taught you. A recorded interview is recommended in order to calibrate the full show before making it live on air. You can also choose the best time for the interview to fit your schedule. Alternatively, Delaney conducts a live interview from 9:15 PM to 11:15 PM Pacific Time.

After speaking with Delaney, your radio interview will be distributed across different digital platforms in collaboration with our several media partners. You will also be asked to provide your social media accounts and pages or websites for a more comprehensive online publicity campaign.