Author Reputation Press

Translation Services

Your Excellent Choice for Professional Translation Services

Using our translation services, you can reach out to new audiences in different languages. Author Reputation Press provides book translation services to authors who want to reach a global audience with their book, whether it is a novel, poetry collection, or memoir.

We offer the most spoken languages in the world for our translation services such as, but not limited to, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, UK English, Modern Standard Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and Punjabi. In addition, we can also translate files vice versa.

Our professional translators are meticulously screened to help our authors receive nothing but the best. They make sure that the accuracy, clarity, and the seamlessness of their translated manuscripts are thoroughly maintained and proof-read, without losing a bit of professionalism. Our translators have years of experience in handling various projects from different major industries. Thus, first-class results are always ensured.

Breaking the Barrier

Break through the language barrier. Our translation services enable authors to reach a global audience and increase their readership exponentially, regardless of geography. We assist authors in capturing a sizable portion of that market. With the help of our translators’ expertise, we will be able to accomplish more translation services without having to worry of a poor-quality outcome.

Your work will be translated in the style and tone of the original language. Complete editing and proofreading services are provided to prepare the book for publication.

How It Works

  • Your manuscript will be forwarded to our translators indicating the language/languages in which you wish your manuscript to be translated to.
  • Your work will be manually translated with a genuine style and tone of the language of your choice as if it was originally written in that language.
  • Our translators can translate works in any genre and maintains a high level of reputation in the industry.
  • Translation comes with complete editing and proofreading services to make the book ready for publication.