What India and Virgin Mary Have In Common

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Author: M.P Prabhakaran

“I travel, therefore I am – apologies to Descartes for twisting his noble thought.” That’s how M. P. Prabhakaran explains his passion for travel in the “Preface” to this book. If academic qualifications are a measure of one’s learning experience, he has a string of them, he says. But they are no match for what he has learned from his travels around the world, he adds. He shares with the readers what he learned through the pages of this book.

He introduces them to the geopolitical, historical and cultural landscapes of various countries stretching from Argentina to China. He narrates in one English prose the scenic beauty of some of the places he visited and personal stories of some of the people he met.

In the course of interacting with those people, he also projects among them the real image of India – the image of a country which, in spite of being multi-religious, multiethnic and multicultural, has remained intact as a single political entity and become the most vibrant democracy in the world. The book is a page turner.

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