We Are God Like Jesus Christ

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Author: Emmanuel Akan Okon


God’s way is better than any Other. Man has a very distorted view of life and its reality: until man comes to full realization of this misdemeanor and corrects this error, they can never come to 100 percent fulfilment of who they ought to be: gods, little Jesus, the sons of God. The truth in this case is that man does not have a way of his or her own. Man was created to serve God. And the opposite of serving God is going away from God. The territory of those who refuse to serve God, whether man, woman, children, angels, or demons, is the way of perdition.

But we are gods. Jesus is our way, our truth, and our life. We are not children of perdition. We are children of light and not children of darkness. Jesus is our master, our friend, brother, mentor, and Lord. We are once with him. Alleluia. We are of God, born of God, cloned of God.

Therefore, we are gods. Yes, we are gods. Amen. Praise God, our Father.

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