The Principle of Love & Marriage: Or How to be Married “Happily Ever After”

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Author: Jim Holtslag

In this book the author proposes that there is a single easy to understand principle that all marriages should be based on. If you don’t understand this principle, you run the risk of a rocky relationship or even divorce. If two people understand this principle and act accordingly, they are certain to have a fantastic marriage of happiness and personal growth for as long as they live.

The book first describes the negative consequences that poor marriage has on, not only the people involved, but on society in general. Next it looks at how our society leads people into misunderstanding this critical principle from childhood on. Once the principle is properly understood, the author describes not only the tremendous benefits in happiness and personal growth that will result, but some of the challenges that it requires in honesty and respect that may not come easily at first, but are well worth the effort in all aspects of your life.

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