The Pilot Fish: A Joe Barrett Series

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Author: Vince Deorchis

It’s a fast and silent missile and it threatens a city along the U.S. East Coast. The only sure thing: It comes from North Korea. But where is it now? It’s a deadly puzzle attorney Joe Barrett needs to solve in The Pilot Fish, Vince DeOrchis’ second fast-paced book in his thriller adventure series published by Author Reputation Press.

After a collision with a container ship in the English channel reveals a shocking discovery, Joe Barrett is sent to investigate and what he uncovers is the intricate plan of a powerful Korean family involving a never-before-seen device of questionable origins that the dubs The Pilot Fish.

When you’re looking for a needle in a haystack-or a bomb ready to blow up a famous skyline- you take all chances. From the streets of Italy to London and back to the shores of the United States, Barrett plays a game of near-misses, where clues are figured out at the last second, including the most important one of all – locating a device invisible to sonar and radar on one of the most important holiday events of the year. Relying on his new best friends, including allies from the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. and British Navies, he needs to solve the mystery of a threat that seems to come from many possible directions but only one that can mean the difference between saving millions of lives . . . and annihilation.

Is the threat coming from the sky?

Or a place more undetectable?

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