Places of Refuge

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Author: Michael Allen George

The refuge is burning from a fire started by three men who rape and murder women. They start the fire to get rid of a body. The people whose goal it had always been to eliminate the refuge, are sure now, that the days of the refuge are finally over. Those who saved it from sure destruction by those who are filled with greed, don’t agree. Deputy sheriff Mack Thomas especially doesn’t.

While the refuge burns, seniors are being forced into nursing homes. This activity has become a serious problem. Medicare approved of a huge increase in the amount paid for nursing home care, so it quickly became a corporate enterprise. A serious problem started before the fire and continued after it. A friend of Deputy Sheriff Mack Thomas is harassed by a corporate nursing home, trying to force his live-in partner into a home. He then becomes involved. When he devises a way to stop the harassment, he soon has a price on his head. It’s put there by the major nursing home company whose harassment he stopped.

Mack’s wife, Lisa, now a deputy sheriff, devises a plan to capture the rapist/murderer men, but needs approval from the sheriff, Dale Magee, and the okay from Mack. They are afraid she’ll be hurt or killed. She knows otherwise.

It’s a constant, dangerous time for Mack and Lisa as they battle the forces of evil coming at them from several directions. Both have many brushes with death as they battle a corporation and a group of men who kidnap, rape, and murder women.

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