Peace Through Personal Growth

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Author: Sukhvinder Jutla

Have we become numb to the increasing frequency of terrorist acts? They seem to happen in other countries and do not affect us directly.

There has been nothing to compare to the horrific magnitude of the 9/11 attacks, yet. But could something even more disastrous happen

again? When?

We feel helpless at events seemingly outside our control. But what if we could individually contribute towards collective peace? And what if we grow personally and prosper no matter what happens?

This is a fictional story of the very wise Sheikh Umeed, the imam, living in New York, who has always been preaching for peace but discovers to his horror that his son has been involved with terrorist activities.

We follow his experiences from initial shock and deep dismay to really trying to understand what drives ordinarily peaceful humans to extreme violence-to acknowledge injustice without condoning terrorism.

He shares with us the lessons he learns along the way-how we can grow mentally and spiritually and live a life of peace and prosperity.

He demonstrates how we can learn from the lessons the terrorists are unknowingly teaching us, the lessons we can teach to the terrorists, and the steps we and the terrorists can take to bring about lasting peace.

Is there an end to mindless violence? Are we being buffeted by a terrible, passing storm, or are we in a never-ending upward spiral of violence? Is there daylight after the end of the world’s terrorist nightmare?

In answering these questions, we have the opportunity to grow mentally and spiritually and leave a legacy of peace and prosperity.

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