Out of Darkness

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Author: Diane Mobley

Until you decide to deal with the pain, it sits inside of you like a cancer and devours your soul. It paralyzes you to the point that your life is not worth living.

My sunshine has left. I am dying inside. My world is dark and dreary.

This was my life for eight long years after my son, Michael, committed suicide. I finally got the courage to face the truth and heal my wounds. Sharing my pain was the hardest thing I have ever done. But it will be worth it, if it inspires someone to have hope for a better day.

Diane Mobley continues to reside in the same Fayetteville, North Carolina, neighborhood in which she grew up. She spends much of her time with dear family and friends and loves to speak to others about suicide prevention when given the opportunity. Her number one priority in life is to prevent suicide by reaching out to others. She has often said, “I have never met a stranger… No matter where I go, I make new friends. If writing this book can either heal or save one life from suicide, then the painful journey of reliving the horrific events of that November 1994 morning will be worth it.”

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