Mother and Sons

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Author: Laurel Richards

Poems and Essays is a collection of poems written about a family during their first ten years in the United States of America. The book reflects their experiences in their new country, their hopes and their dreams. Most of the poems record what they felt, as they struggled through adjustments in their new environment. This family arrived in the USA in 1990 and settled in Fairfax County, Virginia. The author’s eldest son, Carlos Rodrigo, had just graduated from high school and Victor Ronald needed to complete two years in high school. The author arranged for their school transfers after her second marriage to an American who made their immigration and building another home possible. Their happiness is reflected in “What is a Home”. The book is a testimony of faith, hope and love – written through poems and essays. “Ode to a Princess” was written as a gift for the author on her birthday. “Two” reflects the anguish felt by the author after her divorce. “Summer Love” is a testimony to what love should be. Thus, we see a journal of family life in the USA skillfully woven into poems and essays for everyone to remember.

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