More Stories From Three Brothers

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Author: Michael Allen George

The campfire is burning brightly, chasing away the darkness. It is again time to sit with the brothers, and experience their tales filled with all that life has to offer. Join with them to taste the stories of love and hope, cowboys and wolves, mysteries and unknown heroes, and stories of a simple moment, to stories of a lifetime. A story of heroism that instantly comes alive and holds you tightly to its end. There’s a tale of a life that wasn’t but should have been and one of a perfect moment. Another of a dream within an unexpected answer. Move along far enough, and you will find a near novelette length story parodying an entire era. Stories from a vivid imagination, to stories so close to real that you already know the characters filling them. A tale of love so strong it really lasts a lifetime, to love only for a moment. Of love lost and found. Childhood love, lost in the terror and chaos so often part of life, yet forever remembered. One about a man who reaches perfection in what he does, only to end it with a mistake. Hurting those who love us the most, those who can’t express it verbally, but do in their own way when we break their hearts. Most of all are the stories filled with the joy of being alive. So come join us in this book, and share the experience and adventure found in living a full life.

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