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Author: Owenazee G. Imafidon

Love Expressions is a love poetry expressing Owenazee Gideon Imafidon’s heart to the world.

God has given me the inspiration to share my mind in collaboration with my heart to you, so I write as He the Almighty continues to inspire me through Holy Spirit.

Love that is real come in many ways according to the world but the scripture has the perfect example of what it entails.

Real love really is loving yourself first by educating your mind because being ignorant to me is more than I don’t know, which really is not an excuse.

You all know the familiar saying that knowledge is power. I take that very seriously because life has taught me a hard lesson education is readiness.

Ignorant is a disease and I truly believe that. That is why I value education a lot.

If you ask me to pick my priorities in life after God, It would be love, and then education.

I hope as you read Love Expressions it will appeal to your heart to spread your love too. God Bless you.

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