Life After Heaven: The Missing Gospel

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Author: Rev. Robert Murphy

This book is about the missing gospel, that portion of the gospel the church has lost sight of; the biblical gospel currently not being taught or preached.

It’s about hope found in Scripture but missing today.

Heaven’s purpose, the joys we will know there, and the glorious future arriving soon. Salvation’s final chapter, written by God and disclosed in Scripture. It’s about the uniqueness of Jesus, what He’s done for us, and what He will ultimately do for God. The joy that was set before Him that enabled Him to endure the cross. And hell’s possibilities now that “the gates of hell cannot prevail against us”.

It’s about God’s purpose in making us “one with Jesus” and the power of prayer to make us “fellow heirs with him of all things”. It’s about life when “God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven”, our service in the coming kingdom and those we will serve. Discovering this missing hope alerts us to the dangers in the counterfeit gospels popular today. You will see that even if we were to gain the whole world, it would not compare to “life after heaven”.

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