Josh and the Skeleton: Christmas Eve Discovery

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Author: Skip Ashworth

Josh gulped hard, trying to catch his breath. What’s that, boy? Flash barked but didn’t look back at his master. I don’t remember seeing that truck there before now. Flash’s curiosity finally took over, and he sprinted toward the snow-covered blue pickup. The door windows were down, and the front windshield was shattered into a sea-green mosaic of a thousand pieces. Is that what I think it is, Flash? Is that a bone hanging out of the window? On a snowy, Oklahoma Christmas Eve, Josh and his dog, Flash, happen upon a skeleton in an old pickup on the Cheyenne campground area Josh isn’t allowed to visit. When Grandpa was alive, he told Josh the Cheyenne legends, including the one about ghosts who weren’t properly buried. Grandpa would know what to do about the skeleton, but he’s not here anymore, and Grandma doesn’t believe in the Cheyenne stories. Josh continues to be haunted by ghosts, memories of Grandpa, and the mysterious black crow who seems to be telling him something. Then one night Flash runs away, and Josh must confront all of his biggest fears. Will Josh be able to do the right thing? Find out in Josh and the Skeleton.

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