It Was Nevada

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Author: Tony Lesperance

It Was Nevada is a hard hitting book following the adventures of Terry Hope from his earliest days, to his ultimate goal of working on a Nevada cattle ranch. Yet, fate has strange ways and Hope soon finds himself at the University of Nevada pursuing a master’s degree in agriculture and just as suddenly he finds himself on the staff as an assistant professor. Hope soon realizes that Nevada agriculture is in jeopardy. Dirty politics, federal intervention and a host of other questionable factors are at work. He and his close Basque friend, Peio “Pete” Echegoyen gradually grow into strong positions at the University. Together, they set out to do their utmost to protect Nevada agriculture. Hope convinces the dean of agriculture that the university must seek out and obtain a working cattle ranch. It’s now or never! The Nevada’s livestock industry is under siege. The goal is obtained, but ultimately at a terrible cost to not only Hope, but Nevada agriculture as well. It Was Nevada sets the stage for what was historically the state’s number one industry; it follows the industry’s struggle to survive as Nevada changes from the most rural state in the union to the most urban. The reader also has a chance to peek at some of Nevada’s more sinful sides. It’s a wild ride through the pages of Nevada history, some true, some fictional – it’s up to you to decide.

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