Family Fare: A Mugnolo Family Cookbook

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Author: Kathleen Mugnolo

Th e “Joy” of Creative Cooking

I believe that anyone can cook. People who can’t cook, I suppose, are people who don’t want to cook. Of course, that is everyone’s privilege.

When I was single, I had one of the best “chefs” in the world right under my nose – my mother and didn’t realize it until much later in my life…when at last I really did want to cook – for my husband first, then my children and friends and family.

I suppose a little of my mother’s talents did rub off on me and, over the years, I began to marvel at how “creative” cooking can be and how very personal. Sharing what I cooked with others soon brought me to realize that I was actually sharing more than just the food I cooked, also an intimate expression of love and friendship!

Julia Child once said… “Cook by ear…learn to cook! – Th is is done, simply, by learning as you go.

Remember this old English Proverb: “Nothing is invented and perfected at the same time!” Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with food and enjoy…oh, and yes…always remember to leave a little time to “stop and smell the roses along life’s way!”

I wish you “Joy!” Buon Appetito!

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