Dan Jorgensen: Retired

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Author: M.M Beck

Dan, after discussing their situation with Grace, had seriously considered and decided to retire. They were fed up with the almost constant attacks on their lives and family. We did take about a one month vacation. The vacation was needed for us to recover from my time being in a comatose state after an attack on me and the ordeal of the shooting of myself and General Stephen Schmid. Those and other incidents were very draining mentally and physically. The retirement did not last long. When you have been up against such dangers almost daily for years and that suddenly ends. It doesn’t take long to start looking for something to do. So Dan is now back in the harness as President of Knoxville University and teacher. It was not long before Dan had a bad experience and resigned as University President.

Counterfeit orders sent General of the Army Daniel Jorgensen and General Stephen Schmid to the Norfolk Navy Base where Dan was nearly killed. Counterfeit orders for their arrest nearly took them out of circulation. The evil powers are continuing in their efforts to eliminate Dan or stop his investigations, which he does after repeated requests by Commander in Chief. How long can anyone put up with such actions against their life or family?

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