Dan Jorgensen: In Search of a Hermitage

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Author: M.M Beck

President Reagan was able to contact Dan and requested him to return to Knoxville and teach. The President’s request put Dan back on the target block and endangered the lives of he and Grace. Dan didn’t appreciate that one particle. Dan was back home with Grace, after taking out a serious threat to national security. Dan was able to do that with great help from Fort Carson and Peterson field. Dan and Grace began to talk about their situation. Dan asked Grace, “Do you like it here?” Grace thought for a minute and then said, “Yes and no. yes because we are together and it has been peaceful here. No because I miss my family, your mom and dad and our friends. I think I would like to move back to Knoxville.” Dan took Grace in his arms and kissed her royally, then he said, “My love, so do I. Lets go and find a place to live. Dan called Stephen Schmid and discussed the move back to Knoxville. Stephen was over joyed to know that Dan and Grace were coming back. Stephen told Dan, “The home you lived in is still vacant. If you would be willing to teach part time, the house is yours. Would that be okay with you and Grace?” “Of course. We would like that.”

Dan and Grace were back in Knoxville, and the attacks on them from a variety of sources or directions were again in action. The uranium magnate that been arrested by Dan for his illegal activities had lawyers that were continuing his crimes. Carol Schmid had been kidnapped by them during an attack on Dan and his family. All by those employed by the uranium millionaire. Dan and Grace felt at ease at home, they were tired. After the normal evening they prepared for bed. They fell asleep quickly. Daniel in the middle of the night had a bad dream which woke him and he sat up in a state of confusion. But his mind cleared rapidly and he knew that someone was in the house, someone of great evil. Dan could hear someone coming to our bedroom. After the ruckus, Sheriff Wilcox arrived to find two wounded men, one dead man and a live one that Dan had handcuffed.

This was just a continuation of the attacks on Dan and Grace. Will it continue?

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