Cupid’s Bow

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Author: Ashley E. Clyke

Skillfully using contemporary idiom, this poetic drama shows a natural abundance of creative genius and speaks of what is fashionable.

It is a wonderful fusion of intellect with passion, of diffidence with stereotype. A poetry apart, Clyke resists an imposed order in arriving at the harmonious relationship of the parts with the whole. Her power is in her sureness and mastery of subject and expression. Concise and luminous, she has captured the nature and essence of love.

Avant-garde, she finds genuinely novel ways of expression, leaving a lasting effect, sharply aware of the mystery of life and suffering. Poems so vividly individual, inviting attention to the circumstances that shaped them, shaping the feelings they convey. Impassioned reasoning gives insights into intimate experience and social motive.

This amazing artist with words adheres to a metrical plan in her composition, creating concrete poetry-complete and inviolable. She turns the unpoetic into poetry, compounding the matter-of-fact with fantasy.

Life is a condition of flux and momentariness finely concentrated in love, longing, wanting, pining. Her poems are sly, ironic, and a bit cagey, enchanting the reader.

A fresh and springy metrical form that reveals an imagination of what is bewildering. Remarkable. It is an indubitable poetic triumph.

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