Can I Still Believe in Heaven?

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Author: Dan Quello

What do we mean when we say heaven?

When a loved one dies, or when we allow ourselves to think of our own mortality, we find ourselves up against one of the biggest questions of our existence; “What becomes of us when we die?”

A recent article in the Oregonian newspaper called it “The mother of all questions’. Even Google has it listed as its 5th most frequently asked question.

It’s one of those questions we all think about, but rarely find the courage or the occasion to talk about. That’s why I chose to write this book. I want to give people an opportunity to ask this question, and to discover for themselves, both from whom and from where, some of our ideas about Heaven have come.

In writing this book, I have sought to be honest, informative, and hopeful. My wish is that the curiosity which has driven my inquiry, will be helpful to others who also want to know: “Can I still believe in heaven?”

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