Ambrosian Absolution: Bel Canto of Love

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Author: Steven G. Deaton

This is the third and final book in the series of The Reperception of Circadian Rhythm and The Weight of a Suggestion. This Ambrosian Absolution takes the reader out of the profound darkness of love and life and back into the light; closing the doors left open.

In this powerful, dramatic, and poetically masterminded opera, the author, Steven G. Deaton, takes us into his world of love and life. Torn between two Queens, he shares passion and guilt about an undying love for both: a respectable commitment to one and disturbing commitment to the other. He describes what each of the Queens mean to him in his heart felt portrayal of love all the while questioning the Father of All in search for the answers of life.  He finally finds peace within and the strength to move forward by granting the one last request of his father.

Curtis T. Doell

This, Mr. Deaton’s third book, deviates from his prior genre. He may surprise readers by the way he has softened his narrative to tell his tale of love. Mr. Deaton again exposes another side, perhaps a more vulnerable side, as he escapes further into his drama by exposing his love for one woman…. The reader becomes the spectator in the author’s operatic stage show.

Is this book going to complete the trilogy of the author’s corporeal life? Or can we expect more? In Mr. Deaton’s own words, “only time will tell.”

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