Alibi For Death

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Author: G.L. Barbour

When one of the major research physicians at New City Hospital in Cincinatti is brutally murdered in his office, Tom Bolling, chief of staff at New City Hospital, orthopedic surgeon and retired air force Brigadier General, realizes that the investigating detective is the wrong man for the crime. He tries to arrange for his friend, Ron Looney to become the investigator of record when another physician at New City is charged with the murder in a ‘locked room’ scenario. Ron and his partner, Gene Novalchek become entangled in a intricately planned murder plot – or a series of coincidences. Ron and Gene must first solve the ‘locked room’ problem but that only leaves them with a ‘some other dude’ defense and the fact that the arrested individual could still be guilty. Three unusual deaths are brought to Tom’s attention by the hospital pathologist; the deaths implicate the murdered physician with unsanctioned and unapproved treatment. Finally, it is a chance remark and careful review of the dead researcher’s notes that tips Ron to the identity of the ‘some other dude.’

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