Author Reputation Press

Special Stockpiling

Expand the market reach of your book

Our Special Stockpiling service helps ensure your book gets stocked in bookstores including independent book shops. This makes your title easily accessible to readers and academic institutions alike, increasing the discoverability of your work.

While digital platforms have become a popular channel for publishing among authors, a presence in physical bookstores and libraries remains the holy grail for most writers. Seeing one’s title in bookshelves reaffirms an author’s bona fide status. However, pitching a title to bookstores can be a daunting task for authors as booksellers take into consideration a book’s marketability, returnability, and quality.

With our Special Stockpiling service, Author Reputation Press helps authors break the barriers to getting their books into brick-and-mortar bookstores. Here’s how it works:

  1. Authors* who have already published a book with ARP may call the company to avail of the Special Stockpiling service.
  2. ARP will pitch the book to partner brick-and-mortar bookstores** for guaranteed placement.
  3. The books*** will be shipped to our partner bookstores, with the author taking responsibility for the shipping and other related costs.
  4. Three copies of a particular title will be slated for shipping at first, with a guarantee for more copies going forward.
  5. Once received by the bookstore, the books will be put on display and the bookseller will get 10% of the revenue while the author receives a 90% share.
  6. Sales period for the books will last up to 12 months. For the unsold copies, the author has two options:
    • Allow the bookstore to donate the unsold inventory, or
    • Have the books shipped back at the author’s own expense.


*Eligible authors are only those who have previously published a book(s) with ARP.

**Our partner bookstores for the Special Stockpiling service are located in the U.S. only.

***A minimum order of 1000 copies will be guaranteed per title.