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Book Returnability Program

Grow Your Presence on Physical Bookstores with Book Returnability

Our Book Returnability Program makes it easier for your book to be accepted by booksellers and earn a shelf space on bookstores. By signing up for this program, you allow us to designate your book as “Returnable” through  Baker & Taylor and other distribution channel. Note that returnability does not guarantee that a particular bookstore will order and stock your title, but it is a sure way no bookseller will hesitate to put your book on their shelves.

Bookstores expect to be able to return books that don’t sell and receive credit for them. This is called Bookstore Returnability Program, where bookstores buy two or three copies first of your book in order to assess whether it will sell before buying multiple copies outright. Bookstores are more likely to buy your book if it is certified as returnable.

Convincing bookstores to sell your book is one of the challenges many independent authors face. Competing for a space on bookstore shelves is a race often won by popular authors. One factor book shops consider when carrying a book is the assurance that a marketing strategy is in place to move your book into the market.

Otherwise, booksellers will also look at your book’s returnability. It has served many independent authors in terms of convincing book shops to place their books on the shelves.

The Author Reputation Press Bookstore Returnability Program (BRP)

The Bookstore Returnability Program has helped many authors address a major obstacle they typically face when getting their book on bookstore shelves. This program provides some sort of insurance for bookstores. When your book becomes returnable, bookstores will order and sell your work under a program that protects their investment in your book. This removes any worries over what to do with your unsold copies as BRP ensures they can return your book and get back what they have invested in it.